Thursday, January 25, 2007

Advertising, the justification of immorality

Advertising is anything but the self-justification of immorality in the name of economic principles. We have all been brought up with a sense of decency, a healthy dose of shyness, an innate morality. Not so advertising.

1. We have been told to be altruistic. Advertising is selfish. It's sole pupose of existence is to speak for itself. In doing so it appeals to man's selfishness and greed.

2. We have been told to tell the truth. Advertising has turned telling lies into a virtue. Lies are the only means to make the market believe the product is superior.

3. We have been told to be content with what we have. Advertising wants to generate more profit at the expense of other players on the market. It tells us we need to buy more of the same because we are worth it.

4. We have been told to help others. Advertising helps you to empty your wallet for your own greedy purposes. It makes you spend till you drop so that you have nothing left to give away or help others with. If advertising pushes others out of the market so that companies go broke and people loose their job, it can't help it, shrugs its shoulder and moves on.

5. We have been told: do unto others as you would have do them unto you. Advertising teaches us: do unto yourself what you could have done unto others and do nothing unto them.

6. We have been told: love your neighbour as yourself. Advertising teaches us to love ourselves only and excell in it.

7. We have been told to be modest. Advertising brags about itself and makes you brag about yourself.

8. We have been told that to remain silent is often better than to speak. Advertising vomits its message uncalled for at all times in every possible way in every imaginable place.

9. We have been told that greed is the root of evil. Advertising tells us that life starts to be fun only when we are greedy. In doing so advertising aims to fulfill its own greed.

10. We have been told to count our days and remember that they are numbered. Advertising envisions unending material fulfillment as we buy and spend.

11. We have been told that truth is virtous. Advertising tells us that money creates the power to persuade and influence. This persuasion is truth, power is truth, money is truth, what advertising makes you think is true is truth.

12. We have been told that it is moral to be moral. Advertising teaches us that the principle of seeking commercial profit at all cost is the golden rule of moral conduct. Even if it means the world will burn up like a candle.

Advertising is immoral, deceitful, seductive and untrue. It's a monster that devours. It's the whore that fornicates and gets drunk with the blood of the poor.

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