Sunday, February 26, 2006

Every start has a beginning

I've never been good at diaries and the like. Poetry, yes, but writing my heart out? Forget it! Yet, there is rationale behind keeping a blog, I suppose. It is not a diary. It is not about expounding my inner me to the world. As if anybody is dying to know how my personality is developing.

A blog is a way of learning to be opinionated and developing a writing skill while at the same time potentially interacting with other like-minded or not so like-minded people on a certain subject. In addition to that there is probably no better way to effectively practice writing English as a second language. In short, blogging is about acquiring skills, being in dialogue, while it stops short of publishing.

Let's see where this is headed. Every start has a beginning. And whether or not it's a false start will never be known without it.



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